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AVG CloudCare

AVG CloudCare is specifically directed towards small and medium sized businesses. It “simplifies” Information technology management while also protecting data and devices. A nice feature is the fact that users are only obligated to pay for what they use, rather than purchasing a large package with features you may not use. Other features include: antivirus, cloud backup, content filtering, and Email security service.

Google for Nonprofits

Google for nonprofits offers nonprofit organizations either a highly discounted price or free service of their products. Products include: Good Ad Grants, YouTube nonprofit program, and Google Earth Outreach. With these, nonprofits are able to seek new donors and volunteers while also gaining supporters for the cause by promoting and raising awareness.

Ruckus Wireless Flexbeam

Ruckus Flexbeam is a new approach to Wi-Fi signaling, creating better focus and control, while delivering fast reliable access. Ruckus created a device that signals Wi-Fi in the correct direction only when needed, rather than beaming it to every direction. By doing this, they are reducing the chance of interference with other Wi-Fi connections, which decreases the signal strength.