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K12 Schools

Google Apps

Google Apps for work allows businesses to create a professional email (@yourcompany.com). Companies can access their email and Google Drive from any device (cell phone, tablet, laptop), making it easy for on the go and especially easy for smaller businesses without a physical office. Google Apps for work enables effortless sharing of files to coworkers instantly. Video and voice calling are also available for when teammates are unable to meet. This service is not free.

Google for Education

Google Apps for education, very similar to Google Apps for work, is a free service for educators worldwide. This service provides students and teachers with a custom email (you@yourschool.com) along with 30GB of storage so users will never have to delete important files. Users are able to access their Gmail account from any device and also see who is online for fast, easy connection. This service delivers privacy and security for students and educators, giving the user complete control.,

Chromebooks for Education

Chromebooks for education offers a variety of computers for students and teachers. Computers are equipped with a long-battery life and begin at only $279. They also offer 3G options, so users can use their computers on the go. Included on the computer are Google apps such as search, Gmail, and docs.

Google Chrome Console for Education, Nonprofits and Business

“Chrome device management allows administrators to manage their organization’s Chrome devices from a single place.” Administrators have the option of choosing certain settings or letting their users choose. A Google account (or Google Apps account) must be created for each user. Administrators allow who can enter their domain. Administrators are only allowed to manage the Chrome devices.

Ruckus Wireless Flexbeam

Ruckus Flexbeam is a new approach to Wi-Fi signaling, creating better focus and control, while delivering fast reliable access. Ruckus created a device that signals Wi-Fi in the correct direction only when needed, rather than beaming it to every direction. By doing this, they are reducing the chance of interference with other Wi-Fi connections, which decreases the signal strength.